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Oct. 3 2019

@ Vaba Lava / Telliskivi 60a, Tallinn, Estonia

Code of conduct

PyCon agreement among organizers, speakers and volunteers

  1. I agree that PyCon Estonia is meant to benefit the local tech community through a live event and the broader tech community through the sharing of online video and other materials.
  2. I agree that a PyCon Estonia is a casual, locally- and volunteer-organized event, focused on Python and reflecting the Python community it represents.
  3. I understand that PyCon Estonia organizers, speakers, sponsors, and volunteers are expected to support the PyCon Estonia event and its principles.
  4. I understand that the principles of the PyCon Estonia event include:
    • no discrimination or harassment on the basis of economic or social status, physical appearance, race, color, ethnic origin, national origin, creed, religion, political belief, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, age, or disability
    • no incitement to violence or promotion of hate
    • no spammers
    • no jerks
    • respecting the PyCon Estonia logo and Python trademark
  5. I agree that PyCon Estonia is a not-for-profit event, organized with budget and funding transparency.
  6. I agree that I am not an employee of PyCon Estonia or any subsidiary of the PyCon Conferences, and am participating in PyCon Estonia exclusively as a volunteer.

Violation of the Code of Conduct after review may lead to permanent removal from the convention with no refund

PyCon Estonia AV Release

By participating in PyCon Estonia Conference/Event Oct 2018, I understand that portions of the event will be photographed and/or audio/video-recorded for use by PyCon Estonia, Pycon Conferences, or news media. I agree that the PyCon Estonia, Pycon Conferences, and news media, has the right and permission to use and publish such media — which may include my name, likeness, voice, city/state of residence, or photograph — for any purpose in any format, online and/or offline, now and hereafter without further compensation, permission, or notification. I understand that all official recordings from the event are the exclusive property of the PyCon Estonia, available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license for general use, and I do not ask for nor expect compensation or notification of the use of official recordings or photographs in which I appear or speak.

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